Different Types Of Roofs

The types of roofs used for homes are nearly endless and can be categorized by the historical and architectural style of home roof structure. Most people use special type of roofing material and the type of roof that you intend to use for your home. All the design and the built of your home are to be determined by the material that is applicable for various types of roofs.

However, there are even other factors, where the design and the type of the roof, will be used according to the local weather and the geographic condition where the house is located. The architect of the home depends on the condition of the weather and sometimes it also depends on the type of the roof use. You can use the roof for commercial purposes like building a warehouse or a strip mall building then the place will look more like a Victorian style home.
Apart from the above-mentioned type of roof, there are even other types of roofing as well that largely pertains to the home design and the construction.

The flat roof: The flat roof, as the name suggest is just flat. They are easy to build and require fewer materials and manpower than building any other types of roofs. They are widely used for the purpose of commercial building. Though they are not so attractive forms of roofing but they still they are considered to be one of the unique sets of designs for style homes and multi-family residential places.

The Gabled roof: One of the classic of the gabbled roof includes two slopes that forms a rigid or a peak at the top. From another end, they look like a complete “A.” Gabbled types of roofing are braced properly for preventing damage or a collapse due to the high winds. There is also a triangular roof, in which gable allows rain and the snow to run off easily.

The Cross Gabbed roof: These kinds of roofing are features as the Tudor and the Cape Cod style homes. The cross Gabbed roof includes two gables that crisscross each other. Since this more of a complex architecture the roof requires more construction and therefore more materials and labor.

The Front gable roof: There are many gabled roofs where there are some gable ends on either side of the home. It is influenced from the styles of the Cape Cods and Colonials architecture where you generally found front gables.

Gambrel roof: There is also flattened roof in which the style refers to the Dutch colonial style homes and they are even common in many American Farmhouses. The gambrel roof looks like a bell and there is a triangular shape when viewed from the side. The gambrels may be at the front size or side facing.

Hipped roof: The hipped roofs are common in bungalows or on style homes where you can find sloping roofs and the low pitch allow the snow to glide down.

All of types of roofing are durable and resistant to different weather conditions and so you can choose anything depending on your cost factor and requirement.


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