Top 5: San Antonio Has the Best…

san-antonio-waterwayMy visit to San Antonio opened my eyes to the beauty of the city, and how much the city can offer. The city itself is one of the best places in America to vacation in my opinion. The amount of mixed culture, history, along with natural and architectural beauty in the city is like going to one place to experience the culture and beauty of several countries in one. The river walks’ European, Texan, and Mexican restaurants are just amazing, with so much to do you wouldn’t regret every choosing San Antonio as your vacation destination.  The city as a whole is amazing, but San Antonio has a lot of establishments which can arguably be called the best, here are a few of them.

1.) Tacos

As stated above there are a lot of restaurants in San Antonio, but if you are in San Antonio you just have to try their tacos, some would call the city the taco capital of Texas, personally I think it’s the taco capital of the country. With several restaurants who have the most amazing tacos, the one that stands out the most for me is “Mama Margies Mexican Restaurant”, though that is just my personal choice, if you are more of a Taco Taco guy I can respect that, if you’ve never been to San Antonio make sure that their taco, anyone of them is the first thing you eat.

2.) Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Okay, there are probably a lot more technologically advanced hospitals in the country, but with what I’ve read and heard, medical facilities in San Antonio, or at least some of them, are considered to be one of the best in country. If you ever need to go to a hospital, you can pretty much count on the city’s hospitals.

3.) Chiropractors

So I’ll just sneak this in, when I was there I had a bit of a bad back problem, I had several people take a look at it before but it was only at San Antonio, while a visit to a chiropractors clinic, that I finally felt complete relief of the pain. I can pretty much say that they probably have the best chiropractors along aside with the best conventional medical facilities. If you are not visiting the city for anything else I recommend you to treat back pain in San Antonio chiropractic adjustment clinic.

4.) Museum

Okay there a lot of really good museums in the country, such as the Smithsonian and the Met, but my visit there allowed me to take a look at the old Lone Star Brewery museum (San Antonio Museum of Art),  and aside from the production of beer, I can’t think of any more wonderful way to use the old building. Their exhibits of Egyptian, Asian, and Local history was so well placed and explained that I forgave them for turning a place of beer into a museum.

5.) Parks/Gardens

From caverns, to botanical gardens, and even a Japanese tea garden, let me tell you I going to Texas, I never thought that I would ever say “I’m going to the Japanese tea garden to relax” The place is just amazing, and the other Parks and Gardens, breathtaking in their own right. When you sum it up San Antonio is great, but nothing beats Bakersfield – my hometown.