Research on Reversing Aging

A lot of us hate the fact that we are aging,antiagingunfortunately it will happen no matter what we do. No creams or facial exercises will help you, those super doses of vitamins and minerals might actually be doing more harm than good, and even if you eat all that collagen you will still pretty much age. Even science can’t save you from it… or could it? It seems that there has been a lot of promising research going on these past few years, some that showed extremely positive results, and some which are only theories held back by questions of ethics and such.

I am pretty much still young, in my mid-twenties, but even I hate the fact that I am aging, in five years I will be in my thirties, and though it sounds like a relatively long time it’ll go by in the blink of an eye. Because of this I am very much actively searching for ways to stay young, I don’t go overboard and by creams and special soaps from shady websites, but I do read the latest studies and scientific journals that concerns reducing the effects of and reversing aging. And what I found is awesome.

Let’s start with something a bit less complicated, that is resveratrol, a pretty well-known supplement which is more commonly found in red wine and the skin of grapes. What is interesting is the results of an experiment involving mice, it was discovered that given a high enough does the mice that could normally live at a certain about time showed to live significantly loner, almost even twice the normal age.

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Some of the mice under treatment also showed that they were more agile in its advance age compared to the ones that in the control group. After a deeper look into the effect it was determined that that the resveratrol seem to have reverse aging! So, should we all start chugging down supplements with red wine? Well, no, or at least maybe not right now, some researchers from Utah seem to think that too much of it might cause cancer, so just to be safe let’s wait until they confirm it doesn’t or make something that doesn’t cause cancer.

One more exciting and promising is the use of CRISPR in the genetic engineering. As genetic engineering becomes cheaper due to the introduction of the new tool, researchers are now able to manipulate the genes of living organisms to such an accurate degree that it is theoretically possible to turn off or reverse that tricky little aging part of the human genome. Here’s a little problem though, we are not one hundred percent sure which one that is.

Even though we are pretty sure the telomeres shortening has something to do with it, but unfortunately that is also just a theory. We are not entirely sure what exactly causes aging as a whole, we might be right about the thing s we know, but it doesn’t mean that those are the only factors that causes it. Both these research shows a lot of promise in anti-aging and reversing the aging process, but at the moment the best we can do is to eat well, sleep right an exercise to delay aging while we wait for them to finish their research.

Research on Pesticide Exposure

It is common sense not to breathe in pesticide, and if possible avoid all direct contact with the substance at all times. No research really needs to point out that exposure to chemicals such as pesticides can cause major health risks and possible problems. Previous research has already concluded that pesticides leads to certain inborn illnesses and conditions, but how about more modern pesticides designed in a way with reduced environmental impact. Have the producers of pesticides considered reducing the risks when it comes to humans being exposed.

We’ve contacted Pest Control Company Milford along with several more to confirm on what kind of chemicals do they use for urban and agricultural use. They have told us that there are some more traditional and dangerous chemicals still being used today, but relatively safer chemicals are also offered. These newer chemicals are in no way safe to breathe, which is why their exterminators are given the proper equipment when using them, and why the area is closed-off for a time. The function of the newer formulation is probably its ability to disperse faster compared to the older chemicals, aside from its reduced environmental impact of course. Bail bonds industry in the last 10 years have exploded, many bail bondsmen in San Diego and Bakersfield are saying that the new bail bond law might ruin the industry.

Exposure to pesticide, even at trace amounts shows that there are negative effects, though sometimes at a negligible level. It is advised to keep one’s self at the most minimal level of exposure to the chemicals as much as possible.

Genetically Perfect Human Beings – Is It Possible ?

Currently there is often something wrong with most of us, some of the so insignificant we just don’t care or possibly even don’t know. Some are quite severe that it threatens the lives of those who have it, such as genetic disease or some sort of incurable sickness. But now scientists have discovered a way to quite possibly cure most if not all diseases and correct any genetic error. Enter CRISPR or Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, which for the sake of saving word space and confusion will continue to call CRISPR (pronounced crisper). This new technology makes it easier and cheaper to edit the DNA of any living life, may it be People, Plants, Animals, Bacteria, or anything living.


Since the beginning of civilization, or even before that, humans have been very good at genetically modifying plants and animals, magnifying the best of what the organism has to offer us. We were not really sure of how it worked until just recently. In the 20th century, we were able to understand the building blocks of life, DNA, and since then we modified them in a myriad of ways, such as blasting radiation on the organism and wait and see its effects, gene guns, and modified viruses, amongst other ways. Unfortunately all of these methods were expensive, took a lot of time to see results, and was pretty much only available to a very few. CRISPR has now allowed researchers to do genetic research at a significantly lower cost and with faster results.

The origin of CRISPR is quite interesting, one I will hopefully explain well even with my lack of scientific background, so if any scientist is reading this I do apologize if I say something erroneous. CRISPR is actually a part of a bacterial immune system response. When a virus attacks a bacteria, it tries to take it over to be a factory for its self-production, it does this by injecting its DNA to the bacteria. Often times the bacteria dies, but in the off chance that it does survive, the bacteria saves a chunk of the viruses DNA and gives it to the CRISPR as sort of “hey the guy who beat the living daylight out of us looks like this” reminder, if and when they run into the virus again, CRISPR gives its copy of the DNA to an RNA called CAS9 which will use it as reference and cut out any similar DNA it runs into, making the virus pretty much useless.

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Scientist found a way to utilize CRISPR and the RNA as a precise tool to manipulate DNA, and with this tool research is being made to develop cures for certain diseases and viruses. One such test is with HIV, they have achieved results in labs where they were able to remove about 40% of the virus from the host’s cells, and more studies such as cures for cancer and even aging is currently being research. Though, while all these research is being done and some results with less major diseases and viruses are sure to be developed soon, the more complex cures will take time to develop.

One thing is certain though, with the utilization of CRISPR in research and treatments, the possibility of humans one day being more or less genetically perfect is just beyond the horizon. Along with other developments in the genetic engineering

Top 5: San Antonio Has the Best…

san-antonio-waterwayMy visit to San Antonio opened my eyes to the beauty of the city, and how much the city can offer. The city itself is one of the best places in America to vacation in my opinion. The amount of mixed culture, history, along with natural and architectural beauty in the city is like going to one place to experience the culture and beauty of several countries in one. The river walks’ European, Texan, and Mexican restaurants are just amazing, with so much to do you wouldn’t regret every choosing San Antonio as your vacation destination.  The city as a whole is amazing, but San Antonio has a lot of establishments which can arguably be called the best, here are a few of them.

1.) Tacos

As stated above there are a lot of restaurants in San Antonio, but if you are in San Antonio you just have to try their tacos, some would call the city the taco capital of Texas, personally I think it’s the taco capital of the country. With several restaurants who have the most amazing tacos, the one that stands out the most for me is “Mama Margies Mexican Restaurant”, though that is just my personal choice, if you are more of a Taco Taco guy I can respect that, if you’ve never been to San Antonio make sure that their taco, anyone of them is the first thing you eat.

2.) Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Okay, there are probably a lot more technologically advanced hospitals in the country, but with what I’ve read and heard, medical facilities in San Antonio, or at least some of them, are considered to be one of the best in country. If you ever need to go to a hospital, you can pretty much count on the city’s hospitals.

3.) Chiropractors

So I’ll just sneak this in, when I was there I had a bit of a bad back problem, I had several people take a look at it before but it was only at San Antonio, while a visit to a chiropractors clinic, that I finally felt complete relief of the pain. I can pretty much say that they probably have the best chiropractors along aside with the best conventional medical facilities. If you are not visiting the city for anything else I recommend you to treat back pain in San Antonio chiropractic adjustment clinic.

4.) Museum

Okay there a lot of really good museums in the country, such as the Smithsonian and the Met, but my visit there allowed me to take a look at the old Lone Star Brewery museum (San Antonio Museum of Art),  and aside from the production of beer, I can’t think of any more wonderful way to use the old building. Their exhibits of Egyptian, Asian, and Local history was so well placed and explained that I forgave them for turning a place of beer into a museum.

5.) Parks/Gardens

From caverns, to botanical gardens, and even a Japanese tea garden, let me tell you I going to Texas, I never thought that I would ever say “I’m going to the Japanese tea garden to relax” The place is just amazing, and the other Parks and Gardens, breathtaking in their own right. When you sum it up San Antonio is great, but nothing beats Bakersfield – my hometown.


What to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is a typical procedure with an increasing number of patients seeking similar services every year around the world. Addiction to plastic surgery not just carries serious medical risks, it may also pose a massive financial burden also. If not, there’s huge possibility of health risk for example non-certified doctors, unhygienic medical care or simply just wrong surgery procedure. Women experiencing lung difficulties, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, or any additional medical issues aren’t good candidates for the plastic surgery.

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This mean that lots of countries simply aren’t able to compete on costs to patients. You also acquire world-class treatment comparable which has any available in Salt Lake City. This treatment can cause you to look younger than your actual age.

If you’re concerned about the plastic surgery costs, you might want to contemplate applying for another job. See whether the cosmetic surgery prices might be discounted into some sort of package plan. You should be pleased with both the surgery along with the money you’ve saved. The costs for plastic surgery are therefore an issue as the health insurance will not cover any one of the costs involved.

Finding the very best surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia who’ll conduct excellent work may be a daunting task. Your location can be a substantial determinant in the cost of the process. More so, patients ought to be keen enough to review any extra costs put on the bill subsequent to the procedure to the true cost agreed upon. If you’re not able to afford to pay back the procedure in full, you must start saving money.

Plenty of people in Utah have an awful habit of growing amount of the plastic surgery done over and over. Almost all women opt to undergo this sort of surgery to resist the pure ageing of their skin. This type of a surgery can solve multiple facial as well as skin problems to boost your outward look. The primary purpose of the surgery is really to reconstruct and enhance body parts that are really not functioning properly.

You’ve tried everything but laser epilation because you’re afraid it is going to damage your breast implants. Additionally It may boost the curves of your own face and cause you to get cleared of a double chin. Face lifts, for example, are seen as the quickest and handiest methods to really get the appearance of youth back and mommy makeover surgery is great for moms who want to look like they used to.

A superb surgeon will always place your welfare first. These really are the reasons why it’s very important to go for a superb surgeon that may do the operation on you. It’s possible, however, still lessen the risk by picking a skilled surgeon rather than going for a doctor you barely know.

What business and art have in common ?

A company which makes only money is actually a poor enterprise. In this article we’ll cope with business enterprise motivation, and the way you can keep yourself and your workforce motivated to surely have a thriving business. Those who ask for business motivation are interested in approaches to use motivation at work. Frequently, departments using a misguided awareness of business motivation compete against one another. The written job description is an essential tool to advertise business motivation.

Being good in business has become the most fascinating sort of art. Below you will discover an outstanding collection of motivational small business quotes to motivate and inspire. Take some time to place your goals in writing. With no goal, your electrical contracting company will soon be useless and lifeless. In case your thinking is sloppy, your company will probably be sloppy.

In business, there is not anything very small or very significant. It’s a large issue for the company. The complaining customer represents a substantial opportunity for much more business. The most effective businesses are extremely personal. All very good businesses are personal.